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Stay Cool for Less: Top 5 Bajaj Table Fan Under 3000

Top 5 Bajaj Table Fan Under 3000

Summer season is about to come and everyone will need reliable and good quality fans to keep themselves cool. There are many products available to stay cool in summer but fans are the best solution as they are not very expensive and do not need to be installed in one place like ACs. Among the variety of fans available in the market, Bajaj offers a reliable and efficient way of cooling that can help you beat the summers with ease. 

Bajaj has a wide variety of pedestal fans, ceiling fans, mini fans and many more. If you are looking for such fans that will give you comfort and you are not worried about the space to keep them, then Bajaj table fans are the best option for you. It can be used in homes, offices, or anywhere. As a fan manufacturing company, Bajaj has established itself as a leading and trusted brand in the market. Bajaj table fans ensure maximum airflow, comfort and longevity. There are various models available in the Bajaj Table Fan group, of which we have mentioned the top five keeping in mind the performance, comfort, functionality and efficiency.

Moreover, Bajaj has good reviews and records when it comes to customer satisfaction. Their support system is also very good as they have a wide network of service centers. Proving the legacy and trust of the customers, Bajaj continues to be the first choice of the customers even today. If you are thinking of buying fans this summer, then Bajaj table fans can be a great option.

Why BAJAJ is the Best Fan Company in India in 2024

In today’s time, many brands have come into the world of appliances and electronics, but some brands have become stronger with time and have retained their heritage by providing great products to customers. Regarding fans, BAJAJ has proven itself to be one of the trusted brands. BAJAJ is one of those that is updating itself with time and keeping its heritage intact. It remains the first choice of millions of people. In this post, we will see why BAJAJ is leading the fan market in India in 2024.

Legacy of maintenance:

Bajaj’s journey in India started decades ago and since then the brand has been at the forefront regarding quality, reliability and innovation. The brand has built a strong reputation and trust through its excellent quality of products and customer satisfaction. BAJAJ has established itself as a number-one choice for households. It provides different models and offers choices that have been trusted across generations. 

Quality and Performance:

The main reason BAJAJ stands as the best fan company in the market is its superior quality. The quality provided by BAJAJ is supreme and loved by the users. Durability and longevity are high hence it is like a one-time investment for the customers. The company’s entire focus is on quality and performance. The performance is good so it is a win-win situation if you are buying BAJAJ fans. Be it a ceiling fan, pedestal fan, table fan, or exhaust fan, BAJAJ products are always first in the market. 

The Customers want the main thing i.e. comfort and satisfaction which is achieved only when the company focuses on technology and innovation and BAJAJ is number one in innovation. The brand has constantly showcased its new products that provide customers with a variety of options. This includes the BLDC range, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and bye-bye dust and Disney series with exciting colors and a contemporary look that gives a great look to your home.

Wide Range of Options:

As for variations, you can always choose BAJAJ products. The brand understands and takes care of the preferences and needs of each individual. And that is why the company has a diverse range of fans and products. Whatever your choice, whether you prefer traditional designs or modern styling, BAJAJ has your back. Moreover, BAJAJ offers various sizes, speeds, colors, etc.

Customer Satisfaction and Trust:

When it comes to customer satisfaction, BAJAJ ensures it to the fullest. The brand ensures customer satisfaction by providing quality, performance, variety and great service. They have service centers that provide online support to the customer. Also, it ensures that the customer gets a quality product at a satisfactory price with warranty or guarantee coverage.

In today’s market where there are many options, BAJAJ is shining as the best fan company in India in 2024. BAJAJ always trends in the Indian market with its superior quality products, excellence, innovative technology, wide range of options and customer satisfaction. It has earned the trust of people and the loyalty of millions of customers across the country. Whether you are looking for a ceiling or a pedestal fan, BAJAJ should be on your top list.

Top 5 Bajaj Table Fan Under 3000

1. Bajaj Esteem Table Fan (400 mm)

The Bajaj Esteem Table Fan is one of the top-quality products from BAJAJ. This is a special table fan designed for home and office use. It has a 100% copper motor which rotates at 1320 rpm. Bajaj Esteem Table Fan is suitable for the laundry room, kitchen, living room, home office and other places. It is highly portable and has low noise.

Bajaj Esteem Table Fan 400 mm

Its sweep is 4mm, power is 5W and air delivery rate is 7CMM. It features silent operation providing high efficiency without air-cutting sound and delivers high RPM. It has an overload thermal protector, it acts as a fuse and protects the motor from damage. The Full copper motor present in it increases durability and provides robust performance.

2. Bajaj Frore Neo Table Fan (400mm)

The Bajaj Frore Neo Table Fan is one of the best quality fans manufactured by Bajaj. The aerodynamically balanced blades used in it ensure maximum airflow and high-quality air. It is suitable for both office and home. It has a 100% copper motor that rotates at a speed of 1350 RPM and provides high air delivery at an air delivery rate of 65CMM. It comes with 2 year warranty. It can be used in the laundry room, kitchen, living room, home office, etc.

Bajaj Frore Neo Table Fan (400mm)

The Bajaj Frore Neo table fan has 3 blades with a blade sweep of 400 mm. The rated power is 55 watts. This fan comes with a 100% copper motor for long life and consistent performance and has a strong and sturdy base for better stability of the product. The Bajaj Frore Neo table fan is equipped with a built-in thermal overload protector to protect the motor from voltage surges. The fan is provided with 3-speed regulations for convenient operation. The rust-free body of the table fan ensures the long life of the fan.

3. Bajaj Rapido 400 mm Table Fan

The Bajaj Rapido 400mm Table Fan is a fan with high-speed operation and a modern design. The pearl blue color fan’s mounting type is free standing and can be stood anywhere as per your requirement. The material used to make it is good quality plastic which is quite durable. It is a button control type fan and has a full copper motor with high thermal and electrical conductivity. The motor rotates at 2400 rpm with 100 CMM air delivery. It is suitable for the Laundry Room, Kitchen, Living Room, Home Office etc.

Bajaj Rapido Table Fan 400 mm

The wattage is 115 watts and has 3 blades. It has a high-speed operation with high rates of evaporative cooling. Bajaj Rapido 400mm Table Fan is a combination of discreet guard assembly, inconspicuous screws and advanced aesthetics. It has an overload thermal protector for the longevity and safety of the product. The product dimensions are 45D x 33W x 52H centimeters.

4. Bajaj AIRSTREAM Table Fan (400mm)

Bajaj Airstream Table Fan (400 mm) is the best quality fan for this summer season. It runs smoothly and with silent operation with less air-cutting. The retro-style fan is suitable for the laundry room, kitchen, living room, home office, etc. It has special features in that it is highly portable and oscillating. This button-controlled fan has 3 blades and the material used in it is good quality plastic which is highly durable.

Bajaj AIRSTREAM Table Fan 400 mm

Bajaj Airstream Table Fan has a CRNO stamping full copper motor which provides long life and hassle-free maintenance. Bajaj Airstream Table Fan with vibrant color and finish enhances its looks. The decorative dual tone present in it completes the decor of the room. With a size of 515 mm L x 205 mm W x 460 mm H, this 60-watt table fan comes with 75 cm3 air delivery, a speed range of 1350 rpm, and 2 years warranty. The mounting type is free-standing.

5. Bajaj Neo Spectrum Table Fan (400mm)

Bajaj Neo Spectrum Table Fan (400 mm) is a specially designed energy-efficient fan that is suitable for use in bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, home offices and other spaces. It has 3 blades with a sweep size of 400mm, power is 100W and air delivery rate is 100CMM. It also has a full copper motor which rotates at a speed of 2100 rpm.

Bajaj Neo-Spectrum Table Fan 400mm

It improves the air feel with high air distribution. Full copper motor increases durability and provides strong performance. The overload thermal protector installed in it works like a fuse and protects the motor from damage. The product comes with 2 years warranty. The fan is light and portable.


BAJAJ offers you a variety of options when it comes to staying cool in the summer season. Here we mentioned only Top 5 Bajaj Table Fan Under 3000. The brand has the quality, high performance, durability and longevity of BAJAJ table fans. Apart from this, simple functions, easy to handle, and great looks are its priority. BAJAJ has built its trust due to its powerful performance and quality. BAJAJ is on top in terms of customer satisfaction. If you are planning a mini fan or table fan this summer then you should invest in quality cooling solutions from BAJAJ and enjoy your summer without any stress.

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