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Amazon Fire TV Devices now have AI-powered search features, get Personalized Content Recommendations

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This Feature will allow users to get movies or web shows based on genre, plot, or quote. 

Amazon Fire TV devices are getting an amazing AI feature to make it easier to find new shows and movies. Amazon’s own AI model will improve the search feature. This will allow users to search by genre, storyline, and more. Amazon is calling it a personalized content recommendation feature, Amazon has already started rolling out the feature in English in the US.

AI Search Feature: How it Works

In a newsroom post, Amazon quoted Nielsen’s 2023 State of Play report and highlighted that “average streaming customer spends more than 10 minutes searching for options each time they access their streaming services”.

Many people struggle to find something new to watch when they are in the mood to watch something because they are not able to find it, or can be hard to find it. Sometimes this takes a lot of time due to the huge catalog of movies and TV shows on streaming platforms. The tech giant Amazon is solving this problem by adding AI to its search feature.


The update will not change the look of the search feature. However, users of Fire TV devices with Fire OS 6 or later, will now be able to find relevant results for their search queries such as “find me thrilling movies with amazing endings.” This is possible because of one of Amazon’s in-house large language models. The company currently has not revealed which AI model is being used.

How and where to use Amazon Fire TV’s New AI Search Feature

As Amazon is bringing a big revolution, with this new feature, users will be able to search for movies and web shows based on theme, genre, plot, character, actor, and even quotes. The results will be shown from Amazon Prime Video as well as their other subscription libraries (like Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, etc.). The users can also search movies and web series verbally instead of typing as the AI ​​search feature is Alexa-supported.
This feature is already available to users in the US in English on the selected Fire TV devices running Fire OS 6 and above and roll out to all eligible devices in the upcoming weeks. Amazon has not shared any timeline for the global release of the AI feature or which languages it will support. 

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