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Zoom’s new AI feature will bring a four-day work week, CEO says

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Zoom CEO Eric Yuan revealed its new feature and workplace platform etc.

Zoom is bringing a revolution and changing the work weekdays as per reports. CEO Eric Yuan said in a recent interview that Zoom may introduce an AI avatar feature to attend meetings on the user’s behalf. Zoom is a video conferencing platform where people use it for meetings. Yuan said that this will enable users of the platform to focus more on personal interactions which may lead to a four-day work week.

CEO Eric also discussed about the future of Zoom and said that it is much more than a video conferencing platform that competes with giants like Microsoft and Google in the enterprise software industry.

What is Zoom AI Avatar on Zoom?

In a conversation with The Verge’s Nilay Patel, Eric talked about Zoom’s investment in the artificial intelligence (AI) space, especially AI avatars. He also said that AI will help reduce people’s time spent in five to six meetings every day. AI avatars will do that for them. AI avatar is coupled with the platform’s phone, chat, messaging, and project management tools and may get people closer to a four-day workweek. “That’s the direction. That’s part of our Workplace [platform]. It’s our 2.0 journey”, Yuan added.

According to CEO Eric Yuan, this revolution can be possible when each individual has their own large language model (LLM) that will serve as the foundation for an AI-powered digital twin.

. “All of us, we will have our own LLM. Essentially, that’s the foundation for the digital twin. Then I can count on my digital twin. Sometimes I want to join, so I join. If I do not want to join, I can send a digital twin to join. That’s the future.,”, he said.

Personal LLM can help make the AI ​​avatar feature better at specific things and ground level than the user by tweaking and altering parameters.

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He gave his own example and said that he attends sales-related meetings even though he is not good at it, Yuan said, “For that meeting I say, ‘Hey, tune that parameter to have better negotiation skills, send that version, and join’.”

Yuan also talked about the fulfillment of the Avatars. He said AI, along with Augmented Reality (AR) “will help us get there”.

He said that they are working hard on it and they have a dedicated team on it. “We have a dedicated AI team led by our CTO, and we hired from other companies. Other teams are similar. We have an R&D team still focused on incremental innovation, to introduce new services,” he said.

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