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Instagram Testing 5-Second ‘Ad break feature’, No Skipping Allowed

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5 seconds Short ad break feature is being tested for Instagram, a Reddit post revealed

According to a recent post on Reddit, Instagram is reportedly bringing a new feature that users are not happy with. Instagram is reportedly testing a new feature called “Ad Breaks” that will get short breaks but the important thing is you can’t just skip it.

These are 5-second unskippable ads. Meta-owned platform Instagram has not officially revealed any details about it but users on Reddit have reported its arrival. This move has led the users to be disappointed and many are talking about leaving the platform or switching to the alternatives.

What actually the ‘Ad Break feature’ on Instagram saying?

A user named @notthatogwiththename posted on the Instagram subreddit about the introduction of this feature. The user wrote along with a screenshot, “Coming soon for everyone. This’ll be the last straw for me when it comes to Instagram. I could stand the plethora of ads sprinkled throughout the entire app already, but unskippable? Gtfo”

ad break feature photo proof

This news led the users disappointed as the comments on the post showed it. “I came here to post this because there are no talks about it anywhere”, a user commented.

Thought I’ve been taking crazy pills for two days because this is currently happening with me and I couldn’t find any info anywhere other than your recent post. So thank you 😅… and goodbye IG. I have no need for that, another user commented.

The screenshot posted on the Instagram subreddit shows the ad break timing. The timing of the break may be 3 – 5 seconds during which you can’t browse the app.

Also, a user tried to provide feedback to Instagram related to this but found nothing. He commented, “I tried to find a place to provide feedback to Instagram and have found nothing – and frankly, haven’t even seen a mention of this happening anywhere.”

Some users were saying that they were planning to exit from the app or switch to the alternatives. One user said, “So far I simply close the app as soon as an ad break pops up and if this continues, I’ll be unsubscribing.”

Another user said despite having top designers they are not doing any research and disrupting the flow. The user commented, “Meta has top tier UX designers, did they not do any research on this before pushing it onto the public? It completely disrupts the user’s flow.”

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