You are currently viewing Google is testing “Auto Dark Mode” for iPhone Websites, report says

Google is testing “Auto Dark Mode” for iPhone Websites, report says

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According to a report, Google is testing an “Auto-dark mode” feature for the websites on its iPhone app. As its name is Auto Dark Mode, the report says the feature will automatically enable dark mode on applicable websites. The new feature is currently being tested and is not widely available to users.

If you don’t know what a Google app on an iPhone is, it is basically a browser with a dedicated tab system that lets you browse the web like another browser.

Google auto dark mode feature
Credit: 9to5Google

What is actually “Auto Dark Mode” on iPhone?

According to a report by 9to5Google (website), Auto Dark Mode on iPhone is a new feature that Google has used Google Search Labs to create it. Search Labs is mostly associated with generative AI, but Google also uses it to test other features and the latest feature is “Auto Dark Mode.”

While launching this feature Google reportedly said, “Stay in dark mode no matter what website you are on. Turn on dark mode on your device to activate this experience so all the websites you visit match your app’s dark theme.”

After enabling the feature, Auto Dark Mode will be enabled for “enabled for all applicable websites” by default. It was also said that auto-dark mode would not be applicable to the websites that already have an existing dark mode.

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9to5Google shared some screenshots and showed the appearance of the feature. As per the screenshot, it becomes gray instead of pure black. They shared three screenshots, one is the light mode, the second is their native night theme and the third one is Google’s Auto Dark Mode.

As it is currently in testing mode, Google warns that “Quality of the conversion to dark mode may vary. Experiment does not apply to websites with an existing dark theme.”

What are your thoughts about the feature and the experiment, do comment.

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