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Samsung Galaxy Watch FE Launch 2024: A New Launch From Samsung

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As per the reports of some sources, Samsung is gearing up to revolutionize the wearable tech market once again with the development of a brand new affordable Galaxy Watch FE. 

With the legacy of innovation and Cutting Edge technology, Samsung is poised to redefine the smartwatch experience for consumers worldwide. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch Series

Currently, Samsung has Galaxy Watch 4, Watch 5 and Watch 6 series. The Watch 5 and 6 series are in the price range of approximately $200 to $500 whereas the older Watch 4 series is available in the price range of $150-$200. 

Features & Functions Of Samsung Galaxy Watch FE 

The upcoming Galaxy Watch promises to deliver the premium features Samsung is renowned for, at a price point that appeals to a broader audience. 

Packed with advanced functionalities, this new offering is set to make a mark in the competitive smartwatch landscape without breaking the back. 

This smartwatch may come with a brand new chipset or the same chipset W 920, which is currently available on the Watch 4 and Watch 5 series. It might also come with the latest W930 chipset which is on the Watch 6 series provided the Watch 7 gets a new chip. 

Galaxy Watch FE is expected to come with all new features available on the Watch 6 series. Currently, there is no surity of availability of the sizes. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch FE Variants

According to some reports, Samsung Galaxy Watch FE has model number SM-R866 and has at least three different variants. 

The international variant with SM-R866F, USA LTE variant with SM-R866U and the Korean variant SM-R866N. So, we can expect the availability of this watch worldwide including the US and Korea. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch FE Launch Date 

Samsung Galaxy Watch FE Launch is expected to happen next month. Also, the Galaxy Watch 7 series is going to launch in the month of July. 

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