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Reason Behind WhatsApp Banning Accounts In India | WhatsApp Account Ban News

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If you are from India and are using WhatsApp for a long time, then it’s time to be cautious while using your account. Your one small mistake can lead to banning your WhatsApp account. To know the reason for WhatsApp account ban, read the given article. 

WhatsApp Account Ban News

You will be shocked to hear the news that in the last four months, nearly three crore WhatsApp accounts have been banned in India. At the start of the year, 67.28 lakh WhatsApp accounts were banned. In February and March, 76.28 lakh and 79.54 lakh accounts were banned respectively. In the last month, i.e, April, there was a decline in the numbers as approximately 71 lakh WhatsApp accounts were banned. 

Reason For WhatsApp Account Ban 

Now the main question that arises in the minds of consumers of WhatsApp is why WhatsApp is banning accounts in India. For banning the WhatsApp accounts in India, most of the reasons were

  • Violation of Rules of WhatsApp.
  • Sending spam messages frequently
  • Sending objectionable and threatening messages
  • Increase in the number of cyber scams

These were the main and most frequent reasons for banning WhatsApp accounts in India. 

Mistakes That Can Lead To Your WhatsApp Account Ban 

Your WhatsApp Account might even get banned due to your small mistake. Some of those mistakes can be:

  • Crack Version: If you are using the crack version of WhatsApp, then it may lead to banning of your WhatsApp account. 
  • Frequent Block and Report: If you are frequently blocked or reported on WhatsApp, then it may also lead to banning of your WhatsApp account. 
  • Messaging Unknown Persons: If you consistently message those persons who are not in your contact list, then your WhatsApp account may get banned. 
  • Spreading wrong information: If you spread false and misleading information, then your WhatsApp account may get banned.

How To Protect Your WhatsApp Account From Getting Banned

To protect your WhatsApp account from getting banned, you can take following measures:

  • Chat with Known People Only
  • Investigate before sending any message
  • Don’t share misleading posts
  • Don’t click on any unknown or suspicious link
  • Don’t do spamming

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